About us

We are the family Klein-Wilhelm from Beckerich, Luxemburg 10 km away from Arlon, Belgium. We created our organic vegetable farm in the year 2009 near the road named “am ELLERWEE” in direction Ell in our lovely village Beckerich. We work on a field with a size of 3 ha.

We offer:


subscription to receive every week one part of the field


small gardens for rent (9x9m or 4,5x4,5m)


the sale of fruits,vegetables and firewood,


activities for families and school classes.


More informations at biobagg@gmail.com and +352 691197748




Weekly we drive a door to door tour with fruits and vegetables on Thursday and Friday after 6pm and Saturdays after 9 am in our area.

Please contact uswe are at your disposal.